1. Select the Teacher you wish to observer. The email will auto populate from your staff database.
  2. Tap "goals" to view any goals you have set for this teacher in the Goals Module.
  3. Tap to select the number of students in the classroom.
  4. In Advanced Task you have up to 6 counters, each can be selected to be "on" or "off" task indicators. You can also set each counters description or leave them as is.
  5. On a regular interval, select the number of students performing/engaged in each task or behavior. Your total does not need to add up to the total number of students but the tool will tell you if you have over counted.
  6. Tap to record the data point.
  7. Each data point will be added here, up to three at a time. All data points will be displayed in the walkthrough email.
  8. Add you narrative observations and comments. Remember that each narrative box has a clock in the upper right corner. Tap this to automatically add a timestamp in the connected narrative box.
  9. Select a email signature as desired.
  10. Tap to preview or send