Beta Test Program

Welcome to the Beta Test Program

Beta software is a term used to describe software that is undergoing testing but has not yet been officially or fully released. The iWalkObservation Beta Test Program pushes out new features to a set user group. These users have agreed to test tools and provide feedback on bugs, user interface, and function. This feedback is critical for the further and final development of new features.


Consider becoming a Beta Test users! Any current iWalkObservation user is welcome to request to be a beta tester. To do so, contact Kevin at iWalkObservation here.

If you are already on the Beta Test Program list, you can activate or deactivate beta features by taping the “Beta Test Program” button on the configuration menu page.

Follow the Beta Test Program blog to learn about current features in beta testing.

Who makes a good Beta Test Program candidate?

  • New or experienced iWalkObservation users

  • Anyone who would enjoy playing with new observation tools

  • Anyone who likes to tinker with technology

  • Anyone who likes to be at the front of the line!

What does it mean to be a part of the Beta Test Program?

  • You are committed to exploring and using new tools and features during the beta test period.

  • You are committed to providing feedback about your use, to report unexpected behaviors, and provide feedback on the overall user experience.

  • You are committed to completing no more than one survey per week during the test period.