The Demo Edition of iWalkObservation allows you to explore the entire toolset limited only by the number of staff records (3) and the number of walkthroughs (3). 


iWalkObservation is built for the iPad/iPhone and any device running MacOS or Windows OS (including the Surface Pro Tablet). With the demo edition you will be able to navigate all of iWalkObservation as well as explore the configuration menu for full customization. A comparison of features by device type can be found on the Features By Device page.


Please note that the iOS (iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch) version requires the use of the free FileMaker Go 15 App from the Apple

App Store. This should be installed from the app store prior to installing iWalkObservation.


Thank you for your interest in iWalkObservation! Please complete the form below to be taken to the download page.

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