The Goals Module

Click for a video tour of the Goals Module

From the main menu of the Goals Module, just to the left of the iWalkObservation toolset, you will find a control center for all your walkthrough data. View stats on all your walkthrough and conferences or select an individual teacher to quickly review their goals, conferences, professional notes, and classroom walkthroughs. The summary page has been redesigned to provide narrative data summary back to the observer quickly.

Goal Setting & Progress

From the Goal Setting and Progress page, teacher leaders and administrators can easily document a teacher's current goal and focus using SMART. Document progress along the way with goals notes on the right. Notes can be added at any time and users can add an unlimited number of goals and progress notes to each teacher in iWalkObservation.

Conference Notes

Easily and quickly document conference notes with teachers. Record the context of the conference and take notes during or post conference. Share these notes with your teachers as you do walkthroughs. Notes will email directly to you as well.


Personal Notes

Add personal / professional notes during your work, observations, and conferences. Personal Notes will email only to you and be maintained inside the iWalkObservation database.