Installing iWalkObservation on an iPad / iPhone (iOS)

Follow these steps to install iWalkObservation onto an iPad or iPhone.

Install the Filemaker Go 15 App

  1. Using the App Store on the device, search for "Filemaker Go 15"
  2. Tap to install the "Filemaker Go 15" app

Installing the iWalkObservation Toolset

Once Filemaker Go 15 is installed, you can install the iWalkObservation Toolset. iWalkObservation will "live" inside the Filemaker Go 15 App.

  • (1) Open the Safari web browser and enter into the url field "bit.ly/iwalkinstall"
  • (2) Tap on the "iOS' folder
  • (3) Locate and tap on the black download folder
  • (4) Tap "Open in FileMaker Go"... This will install the iWalkObservation toolset into the Filemaker Go app. Click "ok" if your get an iniatial error message
  • (5) Double tap on the donwload and save button to finalize the installation of iWalkObservation

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