Installation of iWalkObservation on the MacOS

From the Mac Computer you want to install iWalkObservation onto...

1) Point your web browser to http://bit.ly/iwalkinstall
2) Click / tap the Apple folder

Download the dmg to your computer.

1) If you have a custom ID, enter it into the custom install code (#1).
2) Else, click / tap the black donwload folder to begin the install (#2).

Open the DMG File

Once downloaded, double click on the iWalk_Mac.dmg file to open (#1).
Double tap/click on the compressed iWalkObservation icon (#2).
iWalkObservation will decomress to your download folder.
You can move this folder to your Applications folder.
View the readme file for additional help (#3).

Security Warning - Control click / Open

The First time you run the toolset you may need to “sign” the application for MacOS:

- Press and hold the “control” key (right mouse click) while clicking on the “iWalkObservation”.
- Click “Open” in the context dialog.
- Click “Open” to confirm.

Click to go to the next step... Registration and Initial Setup