Fall Webinars Series

The Fall Webinar Series will continue on October 2nd with a focus on Targeted Comments and the 4x20 tools. Together we will dive deeper into the iWalkObservation toolset and learn to customize these tools to meet your school's needs! Click to register for each. Link to iWalkObservation support pages to view past webinar videos.

Webinars will begin at 7:30 AM PST with an expected 30-45 minute runtime. Register below for September's webinar.

September 11th: Keeping Time & Narrative Corners

October 2nd: Targeted Comments & 4x20

October 22nd: Standards Over Time

November 13th: Custom Lookfors and Base Toolset

Teacher Goals Moves To Main Menu v11.5

With v11.5, improved functionality and importance is given to the ability to add and track teacher goals inside iWalkObservation. Now, from the main menu you can view, add, and edit your teacher’s annual learning goals. From inside each tool, quickly view those goals to provide targeted, relevant observational feedback.

v11.5 Release Notes:

  • Reordering main menu button options

    • Removed Tally (remains in observations menu)

    • Added Goals to main menu screen

  • Begin development of deeper integration of teacher goals into all observation tools

  • Graphic and Text UI improvements

  • January 2019 Extended Demo

  • Minor bug fixes

Cloud Backup, Restore, and Share Services Fully Released in iWalkObservation v11.4

With the release of iWalkObservation v11.4, cloud backup, restore, and share service are fully released on all device; iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC computers. This is an exciting step forward for iWalkObservation.

With BACKUP and RESTORE you can easily work on one device, backup your data and quickly restore it, walkthroughs and configurations to a second device. Move from the iPhone to the iPad or observe from your iPad only to complete your walkthrough notes on your computer. Backup and restore remains a manual process.

With Cloud based sharing services, easily transfer your configuration settings to another iWalkObservation colleague. Share settings for any tool including Custom Look Fors, Standards Over Time, 4x20 and Targeted Comments. Colleagues in the same building can now easily share your staff lists.

View helpful screen guides for Backup/Restore and Cloud Share.

v11.4 Release Notes:

  • Cloud services bate status removed

  • Improved Cloud Backup and Restore services

  • Cloud backup, restore and share services added to iPhone

  • Cloud services file naming issue with group licenses fixed

  • Secondary email now accepts multiple emails when separated by a comma

  • Email password entry on email configuration now hides password from view

  • Improved user interface for staff and observations screens

  • Duplicate signatures bug when backing up fixed

iWalkObservation v11.3.2 (beta) Released

While I apologize for three updates in less than a week, they have been powerful updates for iWalkObservation users! v11.3.2 focuses mainly on our iPhone users, bringing cloud services and an improved observation list view.


  • Secondary email now accepts multiple emails

  • iPhone Config Menu visual improvements

  • iPhone Cloud backup and cloud share services added

  • iPhone Fixed iPhone "at start” script

  • iPhone Observation list view graphically improved for iPhone 7, 8, X

**iPhone improvement and integration to cloud services will continue to be fully developed

iWalkObservation v11.3.1b Released

Cloud services have arrived! I’m very excited to announce that iWalkObservation v11.3.1b has been released and with it, cloud services are released in beta “test.” While the cloud backup, restore, and cloud sharing services have been fully tested, they have not been widely tested.

I look forward to any feedback you may have as you give the new cloud services a spin. Tutorials and help documents will be online no later than Sunday, October 28th.


  • FileMaker Go Update needed warning message added


  • Cloud backup/restore and cloud-based sharing released to Beta Testing Team

  • Standards Over Time syncing error corrected

  • Added warning Targeted Comments when changing walkthrough list after walkthrough has begun

Into The Clouds!

In the clouds cropped.png

Into The Clouds! with iWalkObservation v12beta

Beta Testing Program, October 21st, 2018
Final v12 release, late November

iWalkObservation launched in 2010 with three observation tools and this fall, the twelfth tool was added, Standards Over TIme. Today, iWalkObservation is a suite of tools helping administrators, teacher leaders, and classroom coaches providing teachers with fast, flexible, and effective teacher feedback.

And this winter, iWalkObservation will go into the clouds!

Backup and restore to the cloud

  • Users can easily back up their walkthrough data to the cloud, restoring to a second device to edit, expand, and further develop their walkthrough feedback.

  • Backup and restore is a manual process that will sync user walkthrough and configuration settings with ease.

Share walkthrough look for lists and configuration data through cloud services

  • Create multiple share files with as many or as few of your tool configuration settings as you would like.

  • Share one tool configuration to a specific colleague across town while sharing all your settings to administrators in your building.

  • Coordinate district-wide iWalkObservation settings with a single shared file packed with district teacher standards and look fors to be easily shared among all iWalkObservation users in your district.

Join the Beta Test Program

Help test upcoming iWalkObservation beta features.

On or around October 21st, v11.3 will be released and with it the Beta Test Program. All current users are invited to be a part of the program, helping to test new features, the first of which will be cloud sync service released in beta with v11.3.

Who makes a good Beta Test Program candidate?

  • New or experienced iWalkObservation users

  • Anyone who would enjoy playing with new observation tools

  • Anyone who likes to tinker with technology

  • Anyone who likes to be at the front of the line!

What does it mean to be a part of the Beta Test Program?

  • You are committed to exploring and using new tools and features during the beta test period.

  • You are committed to providing feedback about your use, to report unexpected behaviors, and provide feedback on the overall user experience.

  • You are committed to completing no more than one survey per week during the test period.

Standards Over Time Released in v11.2


As a principal myself, I have been looking forward to the release of an all-new iWalkObservation tool, Standards Over Time! This new tool is unlike any other in the iWalkObservation tool chest. With Standards Over Time, observers capture observational notes on specific teacher standards or evaluation look for elements...over time. The tool easily captures short or long-term observations each with narrative notes focused on a user-defined teaching standard. Standards Over Time captures evidence of teacher success across days, weeks, months. The narrative data collected, documents growth and is copy-ready for your school's evaluation/documentation system.

Q: How do I get Standards Over Time?
A: The beta release of Standards Over Time will install when you update to v11.2. To manually check for the update, go to the "config" menu and tap on "check update".

Q: Why is Standards Over Time being released as a beta (test) tool?
A: The tool has been fully tested but not widely tested. Releasing as a beta will help ensure it is bug-free highlighting to users who choose to test the new beta tool to please report any unusual or unexpected results.

Q: When will Standards Over Time be released not in beta version?
A: I would project that the final version will be released in two to four weeks.

Q: Are there support files to help me use the new tool?
A: Yes! As with all iWalkObservation tools, support pages have been created to help you get started with Standards Over Time. A demonstration video has also been created. Check out the Standards Over Time support documentation here and the video tutorial here. I have also included the screen guide below.

View the video tutorial of Standards Over Time here!

A visual break down of Standards Over Time


Select the Teacher you wish to observe. The email will auto-populate from your staff database.

  1. Tap "goals" to view any goals you have set for this teacher in the Goals Module. This is an easy way to remind yourself of specific look fors and feedback.

  2. Add you narrative observations and comments. For this tool, keep your comments focused on one observation at a time. Remember that each narrative box has a clock in the upper right corner. Tap this to automatically add a timestamp in the connected narrative box.

  3. Select the standard that your observation is evidence towards. Standards are set by you in the config menu and are most often based on teacher evaluation standards, elements, and look fors. Once a standard is selected, the expanded description will appear in the full standard box.

  4. Users can quickly add a standard using the "Add Standard" button. Else, editing and adding standards is done in the configuration menu.

  5. Tap to post your observation to the timeline.

  6. This is your observation timeline. All Standards Over Time observations for this teacher will be found here. Click and scroll to view all. Tap on any record to view in full or edit.

  7. Select a customized email signature (optional). Email signatures can be set in the config menu.

  8. Tap to preview or send.

Review the Version 11.2 Change Log


We Stand Ready to Help!

On the web at support.iwalkobservation.com
By email at kevinc@iwalkobservation.com
Phone by appointment at calendly.com/kevincrotchett

iWalkObservation v11 Released


With iWalkObservation v11, experienced and new users will find powerful updates to favorite tools alongside a new tool, all focused on making your observations more powerful, your feedback more meaningful, and teacher growth and reflection more effective.

  • Classroom Rapport joins forces with Custom Look Fors! As the Custom Look Fors tool has grown, many have noticed that Classroom Rapport is best suited to live inside Custom Look Fors as a look for list. We made that change! In v11, the Classroom Rapport tool can now be found as a Custom Look For list.
  • Targeted Comments takes everything that was fantastic about 60 Comments and expands on its effectiveness. Targeted Comments allows the user to create an endless number of look for lists, each with up to 20 focused look for elements. Previously customized 60 Comments lists will be imported directly into the newly formatted tool, ready for use.
  • Standards Over Time (coming soon) is an exciting, new tool unlike any other in the iWalkObservation tool chest. With Standards Over Time observers capture notes on observed standards or look for elements over time. The tool is intended to capture quick or long-term observations, each on a single, user-defined teaching standard or look for. These observation notes can be viewed by standard or look for element and by date or timeframe to provide the observer and the observed with powerful longterm feedback. Anticipate Standard Over Time to be fully released by late September.

Fall FAQ:
How do I archive past years observations so they are no longer in iWalkObservation but safely stored just in case I need them in the future? 
A: Have a look at the Records Maintenance support page linked here.

Q: I need to add staff members to the new school year and clean up some who are no longer in my building. How do I do that?
A: Managing staff lists is very easy once you know where to look. Take a look at the Managing Staff Lists support page found on the iWalkObservation.com website and linked directly here.

Q: Knowing there is a new version coming out, what can I do to prepare?
A: Back up your data now. You will be asked to back it up again during the updating process as well. To back up your data on iWalkObservation, from the main menu, tap on Config then Data Backup.

Q: How do I renew my iWalkObservation subscription?
A: Your annual subscription, if purchased by a credit card, will auto-renew. To update your card or check your subscription renewal date, click here and follow the online prompts. Be sure to use the email address used to purchase your iWalkObservation subscription.

We are here to help!
On the web at support.iwalkobservation.com
By email at kevinc@iwalkobservation.com
Phone by appointment at calendly.com/kevincrotchett

Welcome to the Summer 2018

With the school year coming to an end, its time for some
iWalkObservation data management!


Archive Walkthroughs

Now is a great time to remove walkthrough data from staff who are no longer with you. Archiving will remove a specific teacher or specific date range from your database and save that data by sending you an easy to store email.

Records Maintenance
iWalkObservation Support

Update Staff Lists

Be ready for the fall and update your staff lists today. Edit individual teacher data or edit staff lists across entire building categories. New teachers hired? Add them today, ready for tomorrow!

Managing Staff Lists  @ iWalkObservation Support

Backup Data

The close of the school year is the best time to back up your date. Quickly save a full data file with the backup utility. The file will be sent to you by email where you can save, file, and store it in case of that data emergency.

From the main menu, tap on Config then Data Backup


We are here to help!
On the web at support.iwalkobservation.com
By email at kevinc@iwalkobservation.com
Phone by appointment at calendly.com/kevincrotchett

UpNext! introduced in iWalkObservation v10.1


Rounding off the updates to version 10 comes a new look and a new tool in iWalkObservation v10.1.

An updated look brings flat visuals to iWalkObservation's graphic layout. 

What's new in v10.1

  • UpNext! 
  • Flattened Graphics
  • Improved visuals for iPad Pro users
  • Mail and additional bug fixes

Introducing the UpNext! tool. With UpNext! observers can easily create an ad-hoc list of teachers they want to observe "next". A great way to start your day and set your observation goals. How about a list of those teachers you didn't visit last week! Or perhaps a list of teacher you have not visited in 7, 14, or 28 days! It is not only possible but easy with UpNext! View the video below for a quick introduction and tutorial.

Group Observation in v10 along with small and important update v10.0.4


    • “Group Observation” added allowing users to group multiple single level observations in one session
    • Support Center redesigned and updated
    • Link directly to the support center from within the app
    • Simplified ability for Site License users to update/change user name and email address
    • 4x20 redesign and bug fix
    • Graphic and Font Improvements (iPhone focused)
    • Additional bugs

    v10.0.1 - v10.0.4

    • Additonal Bug fixes

    Announcing the Release of v10

    iWalkObservation v10 has been released and with it a number of anticipated enhancement, graphic, textual, and big adjustments.

    • Subscription users will love to find the highly requested new group button allowing you to use multiple iWalkObservation tools during the same observation. Just tap the group observation button, select your iWalkObservation tools, and observe! A quick tap inside each tool allows you to switch between tools, capturing multi dimensional feedback for longer "sit down" observations.

    • Support Center has been redesigned and updated for user friend support. Link directly to the support center from within the app. Just tap the help button on the main screen or the "i" information button at the top of every iWalkObservation tool screen.

    • Site License users can now change user name and email address (simplified)

    • The 4x20 tool has received an overhaul. The tool now sends both noticed and unnoticed look fors directly in the email feedback. PDF attachments have been removed making this tool more friendly for both the observer and observed.

    • Graphic and Font Improvements (iPhone focused).

    • Additional bugs addressed.

    Summer News

    I hope your summer is taking on a slower pace, allowing for fun with family and friends, giving you time to put your feat in the sand, to read, relax, and breath.

    iWalkObservation v10 will be released late August. All users will enjoy the ability to create unlimited 4x20 custom crafted walkthroughs, improved reports, bug fixes, and text / graphic enhancements.

    Subscription users will love to find the highly requested new button to use multiple iWalkObservation tools for the same observation. Just tap the new Grouped Observation button, select your iWalkObservation tools, and observe! A quick switch button allows you to switch between tools capturing multi dimensional feedback for longer "sit down" observations.

    Legacy and new subscriptions can save 20% now until August 15th. Purchase a one year individual subscription online at purchase.iwalkobservation.com and use the coupon code "summer2017" at purchase. You can also save on whole school site licenses. Use coupon code, "summer2017".

    Need a purchase order? Need help? Email me at kevinc@iwalkobservation.com

    iWalkObservation Update 9.3

    Announcing the release of iWalkObservation v9.3

    • Summary Reports added to the iPhone version of iWalkObservation
    • iPhone photo/camera screen layout updated
    • Registration dialog improved

    IMPORTANT NOTE FOR v9.01 and v9.02 USERS

    Some users may experience a "No Connection" error when attempting to update from v9.0.1 and v9.0.2. A simple fix will allow you to update to v9.2.

    • iOS (iPad / iPhone) users with the No Connection error link here
    • Mac / PC users with the No Connection error link here

    Please email me (kevinc@iwalkobservation.com) for any support. Happy to assist by email or by phone to ensure you are able to easily update to the latest version of iWalkObservation.