UpNext! introduced in iWalkObservation v10.1


Rounding off the updates to version 10 comes a new look and a new tool in iWalkObservation v10.1.

An updated look brings flat visuals to iWalkObservation's graphic layout. 

What's new in v10.1

  • UpNext! 
  • Flattened Graphics
  • Improved visuals for iPad Pro users
  • Mail and additional bug fixes

Introducing the UpNext! tool. With UpNext! observers can easily create an ad-hoc list of teachers they want to observe "next". A great way to start your day and set your observation goals. How about a list of those teachers you didn't visit last week! Or perhaps a list of teacher you have not visited in 7, 14, or 28 days! It is not only possible but easy with UpNext! View the video below for a quick introduction and tutorial.