Update to v9.2 (Correcting the "No Connection" error)

Announcing the release of iWalkObservation v9.2

  • 4x20 multi tool added to iPhone version
  • Goals Module now emails reports through the iWalkGateway option
  • DataShare tool on iPhone updated
  • Improved iPhone Configuration menu
  • Subscription Site License Registration added
  • Legacy Site License no longer has access to tools post dated August 2016
  • Email Configuration options added to iPhone version
  • “No Network Connection” bug fixed

Some users may experience a "No Connection" error when attempting to update from v9.0.1 and v9.0.2. A simple fix will allow you to update to v9.2.

  • iOS (iPad / iPhone) users with the No Connection error link here
  • Mac / PC users with the No Connection error link here

Please email me (kevinc@iwalkobservation.com) for any support. Happy to assist by email or by phone to ensure you are able to easily update to the latest version of iWalkObservation.