Announcing the Release of v10

iWalkObservation v10 has been released and with it a number of anticipated enhancement, graphic, textual, and big adjustments.

  • Subscription users will love to find the highly requested new group button allowing you to use multiple iWalkObservation tools during the same observation. Just tap the group observation button, select your iWalkObservation tools, and observe! A quick tap inside each tool allows you to switch between tools, capturing multi dimensional feedback for longer "sit down" observations.

  • Support Center has been redesigned and updated for user friend support. Link directly to the support center from within the app. Just tap the help button on the main screen or the "i" information button at the top of every iWalkObservation tool screen.

  • Site License users can now change user name and email address (simplified)

  • The 4x20 tool has received an overhaul. The tool now sends both noticed and unnoticed look fors directly in the email feedback. PDF attachments have been removed making this tool more friendly for both the observer and observed.

  • Graphic and Font Improvements (iPhone focused).

  • Additional bugs addressed.