Into The Clouds!

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Into The Clouds! with iWalkObservation v12beta

Beta Testing Program, October 21st, 2018
Final v12 release, late November

iWalkObservation launched in 2010 with three observation tools and this fall, the twelfth tool was added, Standards Over TIme. Today, iWalkObservation is a suite of tools helping administrators, teacher leaders, and classroom coaches providing teachers with fast, flexible, and effective teacher feedback.

And this winter, iWalkObservation will go into the clouds!

Backup and restore to the cloud

  • Users can easily back up their walkthrough data to the cloud, restoring to a second device to edit, expand, and further develop their walkthrough feedback.

  • Backup and restore is a manual process that will sync user walkthrough and configuration settings with ease.

Share walkthrough look for lists and configuration data through cloud services

  • Create multiple share files with as many or as few of your tool configuration settings as you would like.

  • Share one tool configuration to a specific colleague across town while sharing all your settings to administrators in your building.

  • Coordinate district-wide iWalkObservation settings with a single shared file packed with district teacher standards and look fors to be easily shared among all iWalkObservation users in your district.

Join the Beta Test Program

Help test upcoming iWalkObservation beta features.

On or around October 21st, v11.3 will be released and with it the Beta Test Program. All current users are invited to be a part of the program, helping to test new features, the first of which will be cloud sync service released in beta with v11.3.

Who makes a good Beta Test Program candidate?

  • New or experienced iWalkObservation users

  • Anyone who would enjoy playing with new observation tools

  • Anyone who likes to tinker with technology

  • Anyone who likes to be at the front of the line!

What does it mean to be a part of the Beta Test Program?

  • You are committed to exploring and using new tools and features during the beta test period.

  • You are committed to providing feedback about your use, to report unexpected behaviors, and provide feedback on the overall user experience.

  • You are committed to completing no more than one survey per week during the test period.