Standards Over Time Released in v11.2


As a principal myself, I have been looking forward to the release of an all-new iWalkObservation tool, Standards Over Time! This new tool is unlike any other in the iWalkObservation tool chest. With Standards Over Time, observers capture observational notes on specific teacher standards or evaluation look for elements...over time. The tool easily captures short or long-term observations each with narrative notes focused on a user-defined teaching standard. Standards Over Time captures evidence of teacher success across days, weeks, months. The narrative data collected, documents growth and is copy-ready for your school's evaluation/documentation system.

Q: How do I get Standards Over Time?
A: The beta release of Standards Over Time will install when you update to v11.2. To manually check for the update, go to the "config" menu and tap on "check update".

Q: Why is Standards Over Time being released as a beta (test) tool?
A: The tool has been fully tested but not widely tested. Releasing as a beta will help ensure it is bug-free highlighting to users who choose to test the new beta tool to please report any unusual or unexpected results.

Q: When will Standards Over Time be released not in beta version?
A: I would project that the final version will be released in two to four weeks.

Q: Are there support files to help me use the new tool?
A: Yes! As with all iWalkObservation tools, support pages have been created to help you get started with Standards Over Time. A demonstration video has also been created. Check out the Standards Over Time support documentation here and the video tutorial here. I have also included the screen guide below.

View the video tutorial of Standards Over Time here!

A visual break down of Standards Over Time


Select the Teacher you wish to observe. The email will auto-populate from your staff database.

  1. Tap "goals" to view any goals you have set for this teacher in the Goals Module. This is an easy way to remind yourself of specific look fors and feedback.

  2. Add you narrative observations and comments. For this tool, keep your comments focused on one observation at a time. Remember that each narrative box has a clock in the upper right corner. Tap this to automatically add a timestamp in the connected narrative box.

  3. Select the standard that your observation is evidence towards. Standards are set by you in the config menu and are most often based on teacher evaluation standards, elements, and look fors. Once a standard is selected, the expanded description will appear in the full standard box.

  4. Users can quickly add a standard using the "Add Standard" button. Else, editing and adding standards is done in the configuration menu.

  5. Tap to post your observation to the timeline.

  6. This is your observation timeline. All Standards Over Time observations for this teacher will be found here. Click and scroll to view all. Tap on any record to view in full or edit.

  7. Select a customized email signature (optional). Email signatures can be set in the config menu.

  8. Tap to preview or send.

Review the Version 11.2 Change Log


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