Cloud Backup, Restore, and Share Services Fully Released in iWalkObservation v11.4

With the release of iWalkObservation v11.4, cloud backup, restore, and share service are fully released on all device; iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC computers. This is an exciting step forward for iWalkObservation.

With BACKUP and RESTORE you can easily work on one device, backup your data and quickly restore it, walkthroughs and configurations to a second device. Move from the iPhone to the iPad or observe from your iPad only to complete your walkthrough notes on your computer. Backup and restore remains a manual process.

With Cloud based sharing services, easily transfer your configuration settings to another iWalkObservation colleague. Share settings for any tool including Custom Look Fors, Standards Over Time, 4x20 and Targeted Comments. Colleagues in the same building can now easily share your staff lists.

View helpful screen guides for Backup/Restore and Cloud Share.

v11.4 Release Notes:

  • Cloud services bate status removed

  • Improved Cloud Backup and Restore services

  • Cloud backup, restore and share services added to iPhone

  • Cloud services file naming issue with group licenses fixed

  • Secondary email now accepts multiple emails when separated by a comma

  • Email password entry on email configuration now hides password from view

  • Improved user interface for staff and observations screens

  • Duplicate signatures bug when backing up fixed