Main Menu Screen Defined

iWalkObservation Menu Screen

  1. Exit button used to close and exit iWalkObservation. On the iPad and iPhone, for quicker return to iWalkObservation, there is no need to exit the application. Simply use the home buttom on the device.
  2. Configuration button will move the user to the configuration screen to configure iWalkObservation and customize the toolset.
  3. The demo message is displayed when registration has not been completed or the current subscritption has expired.
  4. The New News button will display with a red banner anytime there is a new posting to the iWalkObservation news blog. Tap to read the new inside the application, staying current on tips and upgrades.
  5. Help button will direct the user to a robust set of help and support pages as well as an area to request additional support.
  6. The Location Bar is set to your currently school location allowing you to sort staff by building location. (Learn more here...)
  7. These three buttons allow you to view, manage, and create reports pased on your iWalkObservation data.
  8. Nine single-level walkthrough tools each with there own focus. Lean more about each tool here.
  9. Three multi-level walkthrough tools focusing on deeper feedback information more common to rubric systems. Learn more here.