Reinstalling the design file of iWalkObservation (iOS - iPad)

It is always recommended that you complete a data backup prior to reinstalling any portion of any software tool. The process below will guide you to reinstalling the "design" file of iWalkObservation.

Close iWalkObservation

Open iWalkObservation on the ipad (Filemaker Go) and ensure the toolset is close.

1) Tap "exit" in the upper right
2) Tap "exit" in the popup dialog

Delete the "iWalkObservation" file under the device tab

1) Navigate to the "device" tab in Filemaker Go
2) Tap the "select icon"
3) Tap the "iWalkObservation" file
4) Tap the trash can icon, tap delete to delete the file

Open the iWalk_Data file to reinstall the design file.

Tap on the iWalk_Data file to open it

Tap (2x) on the "Download & Save" button. The screen will indicate it is loading but will not indicate time till complete. Allow the process to complete fully. Depending on your internet speed, this can take a couple minutes at most.

iWalkObservation will reopen. You may need to register. Reinstalling the design file is complete.

Click to go to the next step... Registration and Initial Setup