Teaching staff can be added to iWalkObservation in two ways. 

  1. Manual entry via the "edit staff" page - Learn More
  2. Importing service (below) is as easy as creating a spreadsheet file and emailing it to iWalkObservation. The import is generally ready for your use within 48 hours.



Download and edit the template CSV file for staff import

(technical skill level - novice to intermediate)

The import data service is available at no charge to iWalkObservation Subscription users. Legacy users will need to upgrade to utilize this service.

  1. Download the linked csv file and open in a spreadsheet application such as Excel. Else you can create an spreadsheet document with the following columns:
       First Name
       Last Name
       Email Address
       Position / Title
       Building / Location Name
    Note: While other spreadsheet programs may be used excel is recommended for its file conversion character format to "csv."
  2. Ensure an * is in each cell in the 'F' column (see image to the left). This is a required element for import. Each data line you create must end with the * character in the 'F' column. It is needed for iWalkObservation to parse your data correctly.

    Do not use commas (,) in your staff list file in any field.
    A "csv" file is comma delimitated. Using commas in the data with skew the results of the import.
  3. Save your file as a "csv" file. To do this, click on "File : SaveAs" and select "csv | Comma Delimitation"
  4. Send your staff csv file to Once received, iWalkObservation will verify the format of your data. This generally takes no more than 48 hours. You will receive an email with your import code.