We have gotten all of our 19 elementary schools on board and using the i-walk tool. We have really liked the ease and versatility of the tool and look forward to our work with writing this school year.
— Ben Tiley, Administrator, Columbia Public Schools, Columbia, Missouri

"iWalkObservation gives me the communication tool I've been seeking. It is quick, efficient and easy to use. The ability to apply it in a wide variety of learning contexts means that I'm able to offer meaningful feedback for both certified and classified staff alike. The ability to capture the moment with a camera shot, that is then embedded in the written feedback, is a real hit with my staff."

~Tim Smith, Principal, Hopkins Elementary, Sherwood SD, Sherwood, Oregon

I’ve been searching for an easy way to log my classroom visits and keep notes on my iPad since I bought it at the end of the last school year. Nothing has shown as much promise as your product. I love that I can customize the tools!
— Sydney Lacey, Assistant Principal, Sallye B Mathis Elementary, Jacksonville, Florida

"I got into it [iWalkObservation] this week with the new iPad. I'm already generating a lot of usable data! Thank you for delivering me from my clipboard!" ~ Ewan Brawley, Portland Public Schools, Oregon.


“I love the flexibility of iWalkObservation. I have customized my LookFors to include reflections or feedback about our building priorities and professional development. I feel it helps me and the teachers stay on target as we work together to improve our practice.” ~ Leslie O’Dell, Principal, Portland Public Schools, Oregon

Our building administrators were frustrated that they weren’t spending as much time as they wanted in classrooms, providing feedback and coaching to our staff. The iWalkObservation tool, coupled with our iPad2, is exactly what we needed — I am happy to say that our presence in classrooms has dramatically increased since incorporating this tool into our every day work.
— Heather Cordie, Superintendent, Sherwood School District, Oregon

“I purchased the tool a month ago, and am using it every day. It especially helps with feedback to teachers. In the past it was a chore to send out emails, or deliver feedback to teachers, but with this tool, the feedback is sent before I leave the room. Teachers have commented on how useful the feedback is, and I feel like I am being much more effective with my staff.” ~ Brian McCasline, Principal, Lincoln Middle School, South Lane, Oregon.


“I can't tell you how much I love this tool. It has totally changed the way I do walk-throughs and especially the way I communicate with my teachers. Now they know exactly what I was noticing for the 3 or 30 minutes I was in their rooms.” ~ Debbie Armendariz, Principal, Portland Public Schools

I just wanted to comment on what a great program you have developed here. I enjoy using it with my teachers as a positive instructional tool. They look forward to my visitations now more than ever and the fast feedback that they receive. I am able to send out notes and pictures before I even leave their classroom which was always a challenge for me before. Once I left the room, I often got caught up in other “stuff” and never provided the feedback that they deserved. Thanks for creating this fun and effective tool. I look forward to the next version!
— Shawn Wells, Principal, Bollinger Canyon Elementary, San Romon, California

“It has been awesome to use this tool as I walk though classrooms. The immediate feedback is taking the effectiveness of the walkthroughs to a whole new level. Other administrators from the district are already beginning to ask about the program. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this program.” ~ Deven Grigg, Principal, Sunset Elementary School, Hermiston, Oregon.


“iWalkObservation has provided a way for me to walk through many classrooms and, at a glance, provide quick and meaningful feedback to my teachers and to notice trends regarding the way we educate children.” ~ Steve Emmert, Principal, Laurel Ridge Middle School, Sherwood School District

I would like to share with you that my colleague and I have been using iWalk for our regular walkthroughs and we are really enjoying what it can provide for the teachers and ourselves. We used LookFors A and customized it to show our 5 district identified instructional strategies we are focusing on.
— Alan Matsumoto, Yakima Schools, Washington

“I am a firm believer of working smarter not harder. The iWalkObservation Tool allows me to give meaningful observation notes to teachers as fast as I can type on my iPad. My teachers have appreciated the format in which they receive prompt feedback, that they find useful and meaningful . We are considering using it in our Professional Peer Observational Learning Groups.” ~ Jon Pede, Principal, Jackson Elementary School, Hillsboro, Oregon.

I absolutely love it. I’m fascinated by the potential to use it (iWalkObservation) in an early childhood setting.
— Ellen Dietrick, Temple Beth Shalow, Maryland