Understanding the Location Setting

Location settings appear in two locations in iWalkObservation and control the staff members that appear in the teacher name field in both observation tools and goal documents. Below you will find a demo video and textual screen guides aimed at helping you understand the location setting element of iWalkObservation.

Edit and Adding Staff

When adding staff, they will be assigned to the default location you entered when you registered your device. You can change this default at anytime by tapping the "location" icon (1). The defaul location is normally the name of your primary location, site, school. You can also change the individual location name of any staff member at any time (2). Teacher under the same site locatio will then appear in teacher lists on your observation tools name field.

Change the Location Settings for Observation

Tap/click on the location bar and a drop down menu will appear, allowing you to change/select the location to be used. Staff who are listed under this location name will then appear in the name fields for both observaiton and goal tools.