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For best results, review all information before installing iWalkObservation.

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iWalkObservation v7 - UPGRADE

iWalkObservation v7 offers a flexibility to upgrading and system maintenance like never before. User experience is smoother and now allows for in-app upgrades and add-on features. v7 sets the stage for what is to become of iWalkObservation in 2015/16 with add-on look for lists, CCSS rubrics, and DOK tools (coming soon).


(Click here for a full version list of version improvements)


iPad / iPhone users please note that there is a new version of Filemaker Go, Filemaker Go 14. Upgrading to Filemaker Go 14 is not required for iWalkObservation v7 however it is recommended. If you are ready to install iWalkObservation v7 as a clean install, proceed through this email. If you would like to upgrade data from v6 to v7 while also upgrading to Filemaker 14, please review this help video.

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iWalkObservation v7 Installation

Video demonstration and support documentation can be found here.


User registration information:

Registration information will be transferred if you upgrade from a previous version of iWalkObservation. If you choose to perform a new, clean install, please refer to your original registration email or contact me to resend. Users with a custom code must upgrade for custom information to transfer or contact me to convert custom installation to v7. 


To begin your download and installation link here (


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Please visit the online support page where a library of video demonstration files can be found.

Never hesitate to contact me for support.  I can be reached at or by voice mail at 503.941.0527. 



iWalkObservation is constantly growing. As Filemaker Go and handheld devices add functionality, I look forward to furthering the development of iWalkObservation. Feedback from users is critical for development.  Please send comments, ideas, and wish lists to


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Kevin Crotchett 

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