v11 Release Notes:


  • Improved user interface for all email configuration screens
  • Redesigned iWalk Gateway email configuration option that improves email security and decrease failure rates with email filters and junk folders
  • Gmail is now compatible with 2-step authentication and Gmail App Password options


  • Improved user interface for teacher goals list view and adding a new teacher goal directly from the list view.
  • Fixed bug on observations list page that could prevent users form deleting an observation
  • Additonal small bug fixes and UI updates


  • Rubric tool bug fix


  • Reordering main menu button options
  • Removed Tally (remains in observations menu)
  • Added Goals to main menu screen
  • Begin development of deeper integration of teacher goals into all observation tools
  • Graphic and Text UI improvements
  • January 2019 Extended Demo
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Cloud services bate status removed
  • Improved Cloud Backup and Restore services
  • Cloud backup, restore and share services added to iPhone
  • Cloud services file naming issue with group licenses fixed
  • Secondary email now accepts multiple emails when separated by a comma
  • Email password entry on email configuration now hides password from view
  • Improved user interface for staff and observations screens
  • Duplicate signatures bug when backing up fixed


  • Secondary email now accepts multiple emails
  • iPhone Config Menu visual improvements
  • iPhone Cloud backup and cloud share services added
  • iPhone Fixed iPhone "at start” script
  • iPhone Observation list view graphically improved for iPhone 7, 8, X
  • **iPhone improvement and integration to cloud services will continue through the next 4-6 weeks


  • FileMaker Go Update needed warning message added


  • Beta Test Program released
  • Cloud backup/restore and cloud-based sharing released to Beta Testing Team
  • Standards Over Time syncing error corrected
  • Added warning Targeted Comments when changing walkthrough list after walkthrough has begun


  • Standards Over Time released (beta)
  • Signatures redesign applied to the iPhone edition
  • Backup bug for Signatures redesign fixed
  • Improved email visual for grouped observations
  • Data Share staff list bug fixed
  • Standards Over Time options added to Data Share
  • Basic UI Updates
  • Support links and support icon added to each tool
  • Additional bugs fixed


  • Textual, Graphic, and Bug Fixes


  • Dramatic redsign of the Custom Staff Signature options


  • Standards Over Time - New tool coming soon
  • 60 Comments updated to Targeted Comments
  • Classroom Rapport moved to Custom Look For Tool
  • Textual, Graphic, and Bug Fixes

v10 Release Notes:


  • Bug Fix
  • GFU Code Update

    v10.1.1 - 10.1.3

  • Custom Module Updates
  • Registration Dialog Updated


  • UpNext! Tool Introduced
  • Flattened Graphics
  • Improved visuals for iPad Pro users
  • Mail and additional bug fixes

    v10.0.1 - 10.0.4

  • Additonal Bug fixes


  • “Group Observation” added allowing users to group multiple single level observations in one session
  • Support Center redesigned and updated
  • Link directly to the support center from within the app
  • Simplified ability for Site License users to update/change user name and email address
  • 4x20 redesign and bug fix
  • Graphic and Font Improvements (iPhone focused)
  • Additional bugs

v9 Release Notes:


  • Summary Reports added to the iPhone version of iWalkObservation
  • iPhone photo/camera screen layout updated
  • Registration dialog improved


  • 4x20 multi tool added to iPhone version
  • Goals Module now emails reports through the iWalkGateway option
  • DataShare tool on iPhone updated
  • Improved iPhone Configuration menu
  • Subscription Site License Registration added
  • Legacy Site License no longer has access to tools post dated August 2016
  • Email Configuration options added to iPhone version
  • “No Network Connection” bug fixed


  • Removed top filmmaker menu bar (iPad only)
  • Improved photo screen allowing users to add photos from iPad camera roll
  • Improved “Check for Update” and “start up” scripts


  • Manage Staff Tool completed and released in full


  • New email option to send from iWalkObservation email gateway (beta)
  • iWalkObservation will check for an update every 7 days
  • “News" flash button with alert icon for new news
  • Keeping Time tool allows counters to continue counting when you leave the tool (for example when using two tools during one observation)
  • 4x20 identified bugs fixed
  • Spelling and grammar correction to Backup Script4


  • Fixed bug with the Expanded Rubric tool


  • Fixed menu bug in the 4x20 Tool


  • Highlight tabs in the Higher Level Questioning fixed
  • Costa's url linked to walkthrough email
  • Notice of photo options when using computer or iOS devices added
  • Help/Information links on title of each walkthrough relinked to support pages
  • Additional bugs


  • Keeping Time Walkthrough Tool (subscription license required)
  • 4x20 Lookfors moved to multi list tool
  • Create unlimited number of 4x20 look for lists
  • Visual redesign of 4x20 Lookfoors
  • Improved 4x20 send with PDF list of lookfors options
  • Improved sending options when not using default email application
  • Preview options added when not using default email application
  • iPhone navigation and visuals improved to fit all iPhone screen sizes
  • Added “goals” label to drop down goals target on walkthrough screens
  • Update icons on iPhone version
  • Staff management tool added to the staff page
  • Improved scripting and bug fixes

v7 Release Notes:


  • Redesign of configuration page to allow for future growth and improved ease of use.
  • Addition of Email Configuration button for future inclusion of SMTP campability.

    v7.2.7 to v7.2.8

  • Cursor is returned to the end of text when reentering comment fields.
  • Improved update script to allow for importing of registraiton key for Goals Module
  • Improved visuals for menu bar text throughtout toolset
  • Improved Module Config, added module short code help button
  • Bug fixes

    v7.2 to v7.2.6

  • Full upgrading and updating process now accurs inside the applicaiton for all iOS, MacOS, and Windows devices.
  • Release of embeded Goals Module (add-on module)
  • Full integration of modules
  • Bug and text fixes.


  • Counters fixed in OnTask Tool.
  • Splash screen now opens to main menu tool screen when not registered.
  • Minor bug and text fixes.
  • iWalkObservation user interface and user data has been seperated by file structure to create improved data reliability.
  • In-Application "pushed" upgrades.
  • Gone are the days of once to twice a year email updates. v7 now checks for an update every 30 days or you can check manually from the configuration menu. Downloading and installing the update from within the application.
  • DataShare that works for both iOS and Laptop devices!
  • v7 takes the DataShare module out of beta allowing you to easily share your staff lists or custom configurations with other iWalkObservation users cross platfroms (iOS, Mac and PC OS).
  • Improved photo integration and user experience (iOS only).
  • Modified date now on every walkthrough allowing users to document updates to their walkthrough records.
  • Improved layout and performance for iPhone users (additionaly improvements under development).
  • Coding ground work comlete for add-on lookfor tools, CCSS rubric tools, and DOK tools coming soon.
  • Bug fixes.

v6 Release Notes:

  • Fixed photo 1 from photo screen to now properly send photo pdf on iPad edition
  • OnTask -/+ button bug fixed
  • Custom LookFors photo bug fixed
  • Improved visuals on 4x20 PDF
  • Added a walkthrough modified date to all tools and on to “view all” screen
  • Removed camera button from laptop edition as this edition does not support photo options
  • Removed camera warning indicator - fixed camera to med qual and photo only on iPad
  • Added full module compatibility
  • Added exit button on main menu
  • Higher Level Questioning now includes options for Costa / DOK / and Blooms
    • Requires Filemaker Go 13 for iOS
  • Improved options for sharing data in data save module (Beta)
  • Revised time stamps
  • Noticing screen no longer wiggles
  • Back up and Restore options that saves just data to file...
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Text adjustments

v5 Release Notes:

  • Demo version now supports full toolset limited to number of staff and observations
  • Redesign of Custom Look-Fors tool to allow for unlimited look-for lists
  • Implementation of DataShare module allowing users to share select data with other v5 users (Beta)
  • Restructured database for improved overall function and data share support
  • Computer edition can import data from v4.01 - new computer edition feature
  • Fixed URL on rubric not refreshing adding a URL clear feature/button
  • Domain title now propagates from the domain label in the Expanded Rubric tool
  • Comment boxes labels no longer print when left blank
  • Redesign of the iPhone's menu screen
  • Minor bug fixes

v4 Release Notes:

  • Three new tools, focusing on multi-level elements have been added to the iPad and Laptop editions
    • Not available on the iPhone version of v4
    • 4x20 is a lookfor tool with four topcis, each with up to 20 lookfor elements
    • 60Comments is a four topic, 65 element lookfor tool with corresponding comments per element
    • Expanded Rubric is a 6 topic, 6 sub-topic, 10 element rubric observation tool
  • New single-level Verbatim Tool, condensing LookFors A and LookFors B tools to a single button
  • Time Stamp button added to nearly all comment fields Comment fields and preview screens now use scroll bars allow for full preview of text
  • Time of walkthrough visit has been added to the date of visit field
  • Summary Reports fixed and fully functional
  • Photo bug fixed ensuring that current and correct photos are sent with walkthrough
  • "Records Maintenance" allows user to archive walkthroughs by data or name, removing from device
  • 30 day reminder for regular backups of database implemented Configuration of each tools can be completed from inside a walkthrough observation
  • Teacher Name window now auto closes on iOS Edition
  • User is prompted to fix or delete a walkthrough that is completed without a teacher name
  • Site License users may now change observer's name and email fields to personalize the toolset
  • Detects the presence of v3.1 and asks user to confirm to import data on iOS devices
  • Other minor bugs and graphical / textual errors fixed