Windows OS
(Laptop and Surface Pro)

For best results, preview the instructions prior installing!

View a demonstration of the installation process here.

Step 1:

Click the black download folder to save the install file to your computer's desktop (methods vary depending on your browser). If you have a custom installation ID, enter it below and press submit.

If you were given a custom install code (not your registration code), enter the code below.

Custom installation ID (case sensitive):

Step 2:

The file is a virus free "exe" self extracting archive, a compressed file. To decompress, double click on the file "iWalk_Win.exe".

Step 3:

Once complete, two items will have been added to your desktop (or location where you saved the install file): 

1) iWalk Start (shortcut file)

2) iWalkObservation folder

Keep these two objects together on your desktop or move them to any other folder - but always move them together.

Step 4:

To start iWalkObservation double clicking on the iWalk Start Shortcut.

Step 5:

The first time you run iWalkObservation, you will be led through the registration process. Please take a moment to read and perform each step carefully. Please remember that registration code information is case and space sensitive and must be entered exactly as it appears in your installation email.