What is required to install and use iWalkObservation?

iOS Installation:
- iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 5.1.1 or better
- Native email enabled using the devices built in "Mail" app
- Filemaker Go 13, a free APP available from the Apple App Store

Laptop Installation:
- Mac OSX or Windows XP or better
- Email enabled using a non web-based email application such as Mail or Outlook
- No additional software is needed

Can I install iWalkObservation on an Android Tablet?

No. iWalkObservation is a FileMaker database application. Currently, FileMaker is not compatible with Android device.

Can I install iWalkObservation on a Surface PRO Tablet?

- Surface Pro = Yes
- Surface RT = NO

Surface PRO Tablets run a full version Windows OS and in this case, yes iWalkObservation can run on a tablet running Windows 8. Surface RT operates under a scaled down Windows OS and limits many third party applications including iWalkObservation.

Can I import data, staff lists or other custom information into iWalkObservation?

For iOS devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch), no. Data such as staff lists can not be imported on any of the iOS devices without the use of FileMaker Pro on a desktop computer. On the iPad alone, the functionality is not allowed by the FileMaker Go application. It is possible to import data into the Laptop version of iWalkObservation but some familiarity with FileMaker, csv or excel will be needed.

Is it possible to enter data, staff lists, and other customizations into one copy of the tool set, then share them to another copy on a different device?

Yes. You will want to take a look at the demonstration video for "Transferring iWalkObservation" which can be found on the video demonstration page under the support tab. If you are transferring it to another persons device, you will of course need to reregister it with their name, email, and reg code. To do this, simply click on the "register" button found in the "config" menu.

Included with v6 but remaining in a BETA state is “DataSave / DataShare”. This free add-on module allows you to easily backup your toolset by email or to transfer any portion of data to another users. You can find DataSave on the Config Menu in the upper left black icon bar.

After installing, I received the "filename change error" message. What does it mean?

The filename change error occurs when the iWalkObservation file has been installed onto the device more than once. The easiest way to correct it is to delete all incidences of the file "iWalk v6_#” with a finger swipe and delete from the files list in FileMaker Go. Also delete the "inbox" if it appears in the left side column of FileMaker Go. Then reinstall the file using the url and directions given in the installation email. There is a demo help video as well located under the support tab and linked here.

If I install iWalkObservation on my iPhone and my iPad will they sync data?

No they will not share or sync data. iWalkObservation for iOS devices and the laptop is a standalone product. Data is shared via email only. Each walkthrough completed is sent by email to the teacher and the user as well as being optionally cc-ed to another individual. Reports can be generated as well which are sent by email to the registered user.

I'm using an old version of iWalkObservation. How do I upgrade?

The current version of iWalkObservation is shown on the front page of this website. To upgrade, view the upgrade demo video under the support tab or contact support@iwalkobservation.com directly.

The cost of iWalkObservation seems relatively low. Am I missing something?

As a school principal myself, I created iWalkObservation to give myself a quick and effective way to document classroom walkthroughs. I also needed the tool to be efficient with getting that feedback to the classroom teacher. iWalk has many of the same features that the "big" observation programs do but the intent of iWalkObservation will always be to keep it simple and effective! iWalkObservation does not sync data with other devices or create detailed analytical reports. It does provide you with effective tools for getting feedback to teachers that are immediately useful. Narrative reports and an ongoing tally of completed walkthroughs are offered. The one time fee is for the life of the iWalkObservation© product currently with 12 tools. Add-on Modules such as the Goals Module are additional.

How do I edit the credit card, check my payment history, or cancel my reaccurring subscription?

When you first purchased iWalkObservation, a link was sent to you to allow you to manage your payment information. To have a new link sent, click over to the "Support Center" and find the "Subscription Mangament Link" at the top of the page.