Higher Level Questioning

  1. Select the Teacher you wish to observer. The email will auto populate from your staff database.
  2. Tap "goals" to view any goals you have set for this teacher in the Goals Module.
  3. The Higher Level Questioning tool utilizes a observation timer when calculating the number of questions asked and recorded. Start this time when you begin your observation.
  4. Capture and document teacher questions using Bloom's, Costa's, of DOK counters.
  5. Tap to record a question under the categories as they are asked.
  6. Add you narrative observations and comments. Remember that each narrative box has a clock in the upper right corner. Tap this to automatically add a timestamp in the connected narrative box.
  7. Select a email signature as desired.
  8. Tap to preview or send.
  9. Any photos taken and added to the walkthrough will be show in thumbnail.