Standards Over Time

    View the demo video here!
  1. Select the Teacher you wish to observe. The email will auto-populate from your staff database.
  2. Tap "goals" to view any goals you have set for this teacher in the Goals Module. This is an easy way to remind yourself of specific lookfors and feedback.
  3. Add you narrative observations and comments. For this tool, keep your comments focused on one observation at a time. Remember that each narrative box has a clock in the upper right corner. Tap this to automatically add a timestamp in the connected narrative box.
  4. Select the standard that your observation is evidence towards. Standards are set by you in the config menu and are most often based on teacher evaluation standards, elements, and look fors. Once a standard is selected, the expanded description will appear in the full standard box.
  5. Users can quickly add a standard using the "Add Standard" button. Else, editing and adding standards is done in the configuration menu.
  6. Tap to post your observation to the timeline.
  7. This is your observation timeline. All Standards Over Time observations for this teacher will be found here. Click and scroll to view all. Tap on any record to view in full or edit.
  8. Select a customized email signature (optional). Email signatures can be set in the config menu.
  9. Tap to preview or send.